Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shoe Store Fun

Well your favorite pantyhose and nylon MILF was at it again. I just can't resist going out shopping and teasing all you horny guys. Today I was in the mood to go shoe shopping, so of course I had to wear something hot and sexy , I had on one of my new halter summer dresses and this time I decided to be really nasty so i wore my silky Wolford thigh highs and no panties and my wedge heels that wrap around my tight legs.

I love to go shoe shopping at the Forum Shops at Ceasars, they have tons of shops of all designer clothes and shoes. I usually don't buy anything I just like trying on all the sexy high heels. I walked into the first shop I saw with a cute salesman. Now it was time to have some fun. I walked over to look at the shoes reaching up to try and reach the pair that was high up on the shelf, checking back over my shoulder to see if the salesman was looking at me, which he was so I reached a little higher so he could get a peek of the tops of my stockings. I could see out of the corner of my eye that I definitely had his attention now. He walked over very quickly to assist me. He said miss please take a seat over here and I will get those shoes for you.

So I sat down and he quickly got the heels down for me, I was about to unwrap my straps from my legs to get my shoes off when he stopped me and said please let me get those for you. As I sat back he sat down on one of those small benches in front of me. He then gently took my hosed legs and put them over his knee and started to unwrap the straps from my leg as he did this my dress slid up to my thigh letting the tops of my stockings show and also revealing a little peak of my wet pink pussy. I know he saw it because he suddenly stopped unwrapping my heels and just stared with a big grin on his face. I giggled and asked if everything was ok and does he see something he likes? He cleared his throat and just smiled and finished taking off my shoes and rubbing my silky legs at the same time.

I dropped my head back and said that feels really nice please massage all of my legs. As he started to move up to the top of my legs he quickly looked around to make sure no one was looking. As soon as he reached the top of my thigh he gently moved to my inner thigh and started playing with now my soaking wet pussy. I took my foot and stuck it in his crotch and started rubbing his stiff cock. He then took my foot and started sucking on my nylon covered toes.

He asked me if he could worship my hosed feet, that he loved sucking and rubbing my tiny little feet. I told him I didn't mind at all, it was making my cunt so fucking wet that I was going to cum. After getting my feet and legs worshiped for a while he then said please let me try some shoes on your feet. He must of had me try on about a dozen different styles then I told him I wasn't sure on any of them and I was going to look around some more.

He told me he really enjoyed me letting him worship my hosed legs and feet and he wanted to give me a pair of shoes for all that I let him do. I got a pair of Cole Haan shoes for free! This was a very good day. So I said thank you as I rubbed up against his still rock hard cock and started walking out the door. He yelled out please come back any time I turned and smiled and gave him a wink and said I sure will sweetie. You better watch out guys I might walk into your store someday in my silky smooth hoses legs and tease the fuck out of you. Will you give me a present too?

Kisses, Kryztal